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Open water safety information

Headteacher: Mrs J Rowley BSc (Hons.) QTS, PGCE, N.P.Q.H.

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Dear Parents/Carers

On a warm day we know it’s tempting to head for lakes, rivers or other open water including Salford Quays to cool off in the water.

But – do you and your children know the dangers?

Even on the hottest day the open water at is cold. As soon as you go in, your body will go into cold water shock. It’s a natural, automatic reaction and you can’t avoid it.

Over 700 people drown in the UK and Ireland every year and drowning is one of the highest cause of accidental deaths in children.

Safety facts they may not appreciate:

  • Cold water can kill. Rivers, reservoirs and the Quays are cold even on the hottest days.
  • Jumping from any height into cold water automatically sends your body into shock; you can’t help but gasp
  • Cold water shock instantly makes you gasp and breathe faster which increases the risk of getting water in     

your lungs, particularly if you’ve jumped in from high up.

  • Cold water shock can make you panic, increasing the risk of you swallowing water and drowning. It can also cause heart failure – even in young people – and quickly numbs your muscles, making it harder to swim and rescue yourself.
  • It only takes half a pint of water in the lungs for a full grown man to drown; children and young people are much more at risk
  • You don’t know what’s under the surface; you could get caught or hurt and drown


That’s why people should never jump into cold, open water or swim outside supervised sessions with lifeguards. If you do you’re relying on family/friends/members of the public to rescue you if you get into trouble.


That’s why it’s against the law to swim in open water and in particular at Salford Quays for your own safety unless you’re taking part in an organised and supervised swimming session with advice on managing cold water shock and lifeguards to look out for you.

We want people to enjoy visiting picturesque places with open water, lakes, rivers and canals but we want you and your children to stay safe at all times.

Please make sure you and your children understand the dangers of cold-water shock and are not tempted in this hot weather and stay out of any deep, open water.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs. J Rowley

St. Paul’s CE Primary

Headteacher: Mrs J Rowley BSc (Hons.) QTS, PGCE, N.P.Q.H.