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St Paul's C of E Primary School

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LEARNING to make a difference

Community links and projects


Refugee Week Coronaquilt Project 2020



Well done to all our children who entered the Salford Refugee Coronaquilt Project while they were attending school in Y6 or in a key worker bubble. It looks amazing!

A special well done to Arafat, Raegan and Chammel who were out school winners!



Thank you to everyone who made a Harvest Donation.

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Dear everyone at St Paul’s Primary School,

 I wanted to take the time to Thankyou for your recent donation. You haven’t just given us food - you have given opportunity, not only now but in the year to come.

 Unfortunately, homelessness and poverty exist all year round. However, your donations will help us help people building futures away from homelessness and poverty – for good.

 Your food donations could be used in food parcels for people in crisis to provide, what may be for many people who come to Mustard Tree for help, their only decent meal of the day. Having access to essential food to make life a bit more bearable can be the difference for someone who doesn’t know where to get their next meal.

 But at Mustard Tree, your donations do more. Our Food Club feeds thousands of families across Greater Manchester. As a £2.50 weekly subscription service, it provides vital access to fresh and frozen items including vegetables, meat and fish to make customers money go further and promote sustainable healthier living.

 Your items also invest in our support services. As a part of our retail space, our Food Club also gives the opportunity to build vital skills and confidence as part of our volunteering scheme within Mustard Tree. We can be a place of hope and opportunity for people who don’t feel welcome anywhere else. But it wouldn’t be possible without donors like you.

 Thank you for being such generous supporters, and please don’t hesitate to contact me


Jack Barton

Fundraising and Communication Officer | Mustard Tree

Direct Line: 0161 505 0290 | 07719 957160


Bourke Gardens

The children from Y5 wrote Pen-Pal letters to the residents of Bourke Gardens. We are looking forward to receiving their replies!