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Spring 1

Spring Term 1 - Animals including Humans


What do you already know about the heart and how the circulatory system works?


We are learning:

  • To know the main parts of the human circulatory system.
  • To know how the human heart functions.
  • To know the key components of blood and their functions.
  • To know the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans.
  • To know the effect of exercise on heart rate.
  • To know the impact of drugs on the body.



Healthy Heart Day


At the start of this topic, we had a healthy heart day. The children learnt all about the circulatory system and about how the heart works. They labelled a diagram of the heart and learnt a chant for how to remember how the blood flows around the body. We then discussed how to keep our bodies healthy by eating a balanced diet. We looked at sorting foods into the correct food groups before enjoying a fruit salad. After break, we took part in a science investigation to see how exercise affects your heart rate. We practiced finding our pulse before completing the investigation. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a game of Cricket to show how much fun we can have at keeping our hearts healthy.

Blood Smoothies


To help us understand the components of our blood, we made blood smoothies. We used raspberries to represent red blood cells, marshmallows to represent white blood cells, sprinkles to represent platelets and pineapple juice to represent plasma.


Can you remember why all of these components are important parts of our blood?



How does the heart pump blood around the body? 


Write an explanation about how the heart works.