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Amazon Adventure!


As our topic in Autumn 1 is Amazon Adventure, we have been reading The Great Kapok Tree. After researching deforestation and different rainforest animals, we wrote our own sequels. We made sure that we included lots of adjectives, verbs, adverbs and speech. This is the book we are reading and recreating:

Image result for the great kapok tree


For our final piece, we published our writing onto a banana leaf which we then combined together to create this beautiful banana tree. Their stories are amazing! 



During Spring 1 our term is Earthlings. In English we have been reading "The Man on the Moon". This inspired us to write our own SciFi novels. We packed them full of lots of SciFi vocabulary, parenthesis, ough words and words with silent letters. We are also going to plan and write our own poems about our own planets. 

Image result for the man on the moon book