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Word Aware

Friday 8th January

Words of the Week


Here are 2 words you will come across during this half-term.


Plain – is a large area of flat land with very few trees.



This is a plain in Africa    




Drought – is a period of time when there is no rainfall.



This is what the plain would look like when there is a drought.   






Say the words, sing the words, think of words that rhyme with plain and drought. E.g. plain- spain

Drought – flout


Think of a sentence using the words of the week.



                                                              Friday 15th January






Friday 22nd January






For further information there is a useful explanation of climate here: 


Friday 5th February






What are human and physical features? - BBC Bitesize 

This tells you all about physical and human features.

This will be useful in Geography next week.