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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 9

Home learning tasks – Reading 



1. Use the information to help you answer the following questions. What is a key characteristic of an invertebrate and what living thing is classed as an invertebrate? Can you think of anymore?

2. Find and copy a sentence in the text that explains where insects live.

3. Camouflage is a great word to use in a sentence. Write a sentence with the word camouflage in. Check your sentence makes sense by asking a friend.

4. What type of words are scary and painful?

5. Expand the sentence ‘insects must protect themselves from the many animals that feed on them’ using a conjunction. Choose from because, since, but, although.




1. Read the text below and find and list three adjectives in the text. Choose your favourite and explain why it is your favourite.

2. Look at the sentence ‘frogs live near ponds and streams’ on page 62. Do all frogs live near ponds and streams?