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St Paul's C of E Primary School

Heathside Grove

LEARNING to make a difference

Week 9


Common noun = person, place or thing that doesn’t need a capital letter e.g. woman, sweet, tablet, city.

Proper noun = person, place or name of something that starts with a capital letter e.g. Bob, Dr Doolittle, IPad, Liverpool.

Adjective = describing word

Verb = doing word (often ends in ‘ing’)

Task one

Next to each common noun – write a proper noun.

Man                       ___________________

Woman                  ___________________

Mountain                ___________________

Building                  ___________________

Cat/Dog                 ___________________                

Football team          ___________________

Tablet                    ___________________


Task two

Use a thesaurus and write next to each adjective two more.

e.g. Pretty              Beautiful      Stunning

Tall                        ___________________________

Angry                    ___________________________

Shy                       ___________________________

Chubby                  ___________________________

Kind                       ___________________________


Task three

Add a verb to complete these sentences.

  1. I went to the swimming pool and s_________ 20 lengths.
  2. In netball I p_________ the ball to my team mates.
  3. When I play football I d______ in-between my opponents.
  4. I went to the library and saw a lot of children r_______ books.
  5. On Thursdays I enjoy w_________ the lava lamp bubble.
  6. On Sports’ Day I r______ as fast as I can.
  7. The doctor w________ a prescription.
  8. Mrs Ashdown b___________ a ticket to see Beyonce.
  9. Millie likes to b________ raspberries.
  10. When I go to watch a basketball game I c________ loudly for my team.