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Week 9

Year 1 – Grammar Task


This week we are going to learn about punctuation at the end of sentences.


We already know that we add a full stop (.) to show that a sentence has finished, like this:

Buzz and Woody are best friends.

We also learnt how to ask questions and use a question mark (?) at the end, like this:



How old are you?

Look at the picture:

I am not a toy! 

I am a real space ranger!


Think about how Buzz would say this sentence. I imagine he would be angry.

If he was just saying it as a statement with no real feeling we would use full stops /./ but because he looks angry and would be shouting we use the exclamation marks /!/as the punctuation for the sentence to show this.

Your activity is to look at the sentences to follow and decide whether they need a full stop or an exclamation mark.

Activity 1

. or !

I am going to the zoo_

That was an amazing party_

We had pizza for our tea last night_

Hey that’s my toy_

I can’t wait for my birthday_

It is my swimming lesson tomorrow_


Activity 2

Look at the follow pictures and finish the sentences with what the characters might be saying by copying them out and adding an exclamation mark. Here is my example:

Hey, that’s my spot on Andy’s bed!






Now your turn:



Oh no, it’s Andy’s               _



Help, I’m going to                _








I do not like to be               _





It is too crowded here and I           _










The unicorn flashed her eyes and turned around and Sugarlump’s wish              _










































Days of the week are names so make sure they have a capital letter like mine.