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Week 9

Spelling activity


This week’s spelling rule is homophones


Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings.


Can you think of any?


Here are some for you to practice this week. Look at the words and their meanings and create sentences that contain one, both or all of the words. For example – I can see the sea.



He’ll – means he will

Heal – means it will get healthy and better again.

Heel – is the back part of your foot below the ankle.

Rain – is when it is raining outside and you can get wet.

Rein – these are what you attach to a horse when riding it.

Reign – is when you are the Queen or King and you rule the land for some time.

Plain – when there is nothing on it e.g there is a plain piece of paper with nothing on it.

Plane – is what you go on to go on holiday and it flies in the sky.

Groan – when you make a noise in your throat normally because you hurting or bored.

Grown – when you are growing up or when a plant is growing tall.





Spelling Test













  • Practise writing these words out neatly using your joined handwriting.
  • Practise spelling them using the look, say, cover, write and check technique or use another technique like the pyramid one.
  • Try to use them in a sentence.
  • Ask someone to test you on them on Friday.