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Week 9

Home learning tasks – Writing 







Task 1: Revisit your sentence descriptions from last week. Can you extend one of your sentences using a conjunction? The conjunction could be: because, although, when. Rewrite the sentence.


Task 2: In the sentence ‘SOMEONE nurtured a little piece of wilderness’, explain what the verb nurtured means.

Then consider what this verb tells you, as a reader, about the character’s personality.


Task 3: ‘Inside the house, the miserable and lonely varmint stared out of the window’. Highlight the fronted adverbial in this sentence.

Look at the list of fronted adverbials below. Choose a fronted adverbial (or if you want to challenge yourself, choose your own) and add them to the sentences below:

Try and choose vocabulary to create suspense and emphasis.



  • … stood a piece of wilderness.
  • … his wishes drifted over the city.







Far away,

All of a sudden,



Outside the door,





Task 4: Choose one of your sentences from the previous task or think of your own, and write a noun phrase. Remember a noun phrase gives more meaning.

Use the table below to help you.





Prepositional phrases


A, the, any, this, that, my, our, your, those

Small, dark, roar, lonely, miserable

Wilderness, varmint

Next to, under, inside, over



For example: The miserable and lonely varmint’s wishes drifted over the city.