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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 8

Maths Task 1


  1. 82, 83, 84, __, __, __,
  2. 72, 71, 70, __, __, __,
  3. Double 8
  4. Half of 16
  5. 63=       tens and       ones




This week we are going to be learning about position and direction.


Here is a picture of Bee-Bot.

Earlier this year we used him in our Computing sessions to complete a set of instructions.


The arrows show the direction he can move


Activity 1

Find four objects that are around your house and lay them out on the floor like my example (check that this is okay with your grown up).


Stand in the middle of them and get a grown up to ask you to move forwards, backwards, left and right.

 Tell them what item is there.



Below is a little trick to help you remember your left and right: put your hands out in front of you like in the picture and the left hand is the one that makes an ‘l’ for left.


Activity 2

Use this grid to move an object (a small toy figure or car maybe) and say which direction you are moving in to get to a particular object (forwards, backwards, left and right).

Take turns with your grown up to say what you are doing. 


Activity 3


Now use ‘left’ and ‘right’ to say where the coin is.

Maths Task 2


  1. 49, 50, 51, __, __, __,
  2. 95, 94, 93, __, __, __,
  3. Double 7
  4. Half of 14
  5. 48=       tens and       ones


Activity 1


Let’s recap what we learnt last time about position and direction.

Activity 2


Next, I would like you to follow the clues to colour the shapes.

  1. The circle in the middle blue.
  2. The circle on the right is red.
  3. The shape up from the right circle is green.
  4. The shape down from the circles is green.
  5. The square on the left of the green triangle is red.
  6. The square up from the rectangle is blue.
  7. The triangle on the left is red.


Activity 3

For this activity I would like you to draw.

Spot Gru’s Mistake:

The blue triangle is on the right of the yellow circle.

Maths Task 3


  1. 37, 38, 39, __, __, __,

2) 23, 22, 21, __, __, __,

3) Double 9

4) Half of 18

  1. 51=       tens and       ones


Activity 1

Recap our learning so far by choosing a place to sit in the middle of the room then fill in the table below about what you can see.

As well as knowing left, right, forward and backwards, there are other positions of objects that we need to know.

Activity 2

Using a toy of your own and a table or chair, ask you grown up to choose a position from the pictures above. You can then position your toy in the way that they say.

When you have tried them all, ask your grown up to position the toy like in the pictures and you have to use the correct language to describe the position.

Activity 3


Circle the word that describes the position of the teddy?



Spot Gru’s Mistake:

The caterpillar is below the apple and the leaf.

Maths Task 4


  1. 20, 25, 30, __, __, __,

2) 80, 70, 60, __, __, __,

3) 8, 10, 12, __, __, __

4) 83, 82, 81, __, __, __

  5) 38=       tens and       ones


Activity 1

Use the picture to fill in the statements below:

  • The toffee is                the cup.
  • The cheese is                the fizzy drink.
  • The lollipop is on the              of the cup.
  • The cake is                    the cheese and the chocolate.


Activity 2


Follow the instructions to add the shapes to the grid.

  • Draw a triangle below the circle.
  • Draw a heart between the circle and the cloud.
  • Draw a square on the right of the star.
  • Draw a cloud above the circle.
  • Describe the position of the space left.


Activity 3