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Week 8

Writing Task 1

Remember to complete the Grammar task. It will get you ready for all of the writing tasks to follow. 

Year 1 – Writing Task 2

This week we are going to do some learning using the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

A copy of the book can be found in the ‘Reading section of our home Learning Tasks.


Add the capital letters to the names below.

Now add your words to the sentence below. If you want to make up your own instead or make mine even better then that's fine. 


_iggy _traw builds houses from straw.

_iggy _ticks likes to build houses from sticks.

_iggy _ricks can build strong houses from bricks.

Can you write your own sentence about the Big Bad Wolf?

Year 1 – Writing Task 3

Here is a picture of Piggy Sticks and below is a description of him. 


Piggy Sticks is a little pig.

He has two brothers called Piggy Straw and Piggy Bricks.

He built his own house out of sticks.

He has green dungarees and a red shirt.


I would like you to use this template to write your own description of Piggy Bricks remembering capital letters for all of the names and the starts of sentences.

If you can think of more interesting sentences then that would be great. 



    iggy     ricks is a little pig.

_e has two brothers called                     and                    .

_e built his own house out of             .

_e has                  and a                 .

Year 1 – Writing Task 4

Have a look at the picture below with some words to help you.

Write some sentences about what you can see in the picture and use the words in the word bank to help you use capital letters for names. You can also add the ‘er’ suffix to the end of words like in last week’s learning.

This will start you off:


Piggy Straw has a shorter house than Piggy Sticks.

_iggy _ticks stick house is strong        than the straw house. 


Can you make your writing even better by adding adjectives to your sentences so they are more interesting?