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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 8

What is the name of the town where you live?

  1. Which other places are near Walkden?
  2. Is it a village, town, suburb or part of a city?
  3. What types of buildings are in Walkden? Can you name 3?
  4. What are they used for?
  5. Are there any green spaces and what are they used for?
  6. Are there any local ‘landmarks’?
  7. What types of transport do people use in Walkden?


Now think about both the human and the physical features in our landscape.

Physical geography is the study of the Earth's natural features, such as mountains, rivers, deserts and oceans. In physical geography, landforms and how they change are studied, as well as climate and its effects.

Human geography looks at the impact and behaviour of people and how they relate to the physical world.


Can you label the human and physical features of these places in Walkden?