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St Paul's C of E Primary School

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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 8


Common noun = person, place or thing that doesn’t need a capital letter e.g. man, shop, game, book, river.

Proper noun = person, place or name of something that starts with a capital letter e.g. Millie, Oxton, Europa Swimming Pool, River Dee.

Adjective = describing word

Verb = doing word (often ends in ‘ing’)

Task one

Underline all of the common nouns and circle all of the proper nouns in each sentence.

  1. Henry plays games on his computer.
  2. Mr Fan runs in the park every Sunday.
  3. Caroline lives in an apartment in Caston St.
  4. Dr Flood is flying on a plane to Norway.
  5. Neena’s birthday is in March.
  6. Fluffy likes playing catch in Victoria Park.
  7. Did you see William at the party on Saturday?
  8. Gerrard scored a goal for Liverpool on Tuesday night.
  9. New Brighton was flooded because of the heavy rain.
  10. Quinn saw Venus through her telescope.

Task two

Underline the adjectives in these sentences:

  1. The little man carried the heavy box across the wide street.
  2. The red house stood at the bottom of the deep valley.
  3. The narrow road was long and the children were tired.
  4. The log burned brightly in the old fireplace.
  5. The young lady sat down on the soft, green cushion.
  6. The busy bee flew to the bright flowers to gather honey.


Task three

Write 10 verbs