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Week 7

Week 7 Maths Tasks


Task 1: To know how to use and apply knowledge of my times tables.


For this task, you can either play as a board game with members of your family, or just have a go at testing your knowledge of each question! Have fun J



Task 2: To know how to solve problems involving multiplying 4 digits by 2 digits.


Last week we looked at using the long method for multiplication that we have been practicing to solve calculations involving multiplying 4 digits by 2 digits. Now, have a look at solving these problems that require you to use the same method.



Task 3: To know how to multiply using a written method. 


Now that we have covered all the different elements of using a written method to solve multiplication calculations, I would like you to apply the correct technique to solve these questions below. You might be able to do them mentally, or use the short or long method. Good luck!


  1. 450 x 10
  2. 6834 x 5
  3. 394 x 12
  4. 874 x 9
  5. 2857 x 32
  6. 342 x 67
  7. 87 x 1000
  8. 0.4 x 100
  9. 8739 x 85
  10. 76 x 78