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Week 7

Week 7: Writing Tasks


Task 1: Using the block plan that we have already created, have a go at writing the ending! I hope that your story is going well so far.  Here is the success criteria that you need to use and I have written an example that you can refer to.


Success Criteria


Ing openers


Ed openers


Simile openers


Relative clauses


Dashes to show parenthesis


Commas to show parenthesis


Brackets to show parenthesis.


Inverted Commas



Cheering at Alfred’s success, all of the villagers of East Thor, which had been saved from eternal ruin, ran out of their huts and rejoiced. Alfred was surrounded by his family and friends shouting his name. Like a scene out of a movie, they lifted him up into the air and chanted his name. “Alfred! Alfred! Alfred!” No longer was East Thor in danger, and Alfred was crowned “Sir Alfred the Great” for forever more.


Task 2:


Now that your stories are complete, it’s time to self assess them! Use this format, which you have seen before in school, and have a go at self assessing your own work. Remember to look for all of the positives in your work as I am sure that there are so many! Maybe you could edit your work, can you add more detail? Perhaps you could add any missing success criteria if there are any.


Self-Assessment: Anglo Saxon Story




Have you used interesting sentence openers?



Have you used speech and inverted commas?



Do all of your sentences make sense and is your grammar correct?



Name 3 things that you like about your story.







Name 3 things that you could improve.