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Week 6

Week 6 History Task


L.O: To know what some Anglo Saxon villagers looked like and how they lived.


The Anglo Saxon chose to settle down much more quietly than the Romans did. They chose to live in small villages near forests and lived in family houses. Discuss with somebody in your house why the Anglo Saxons may have chosen to create their own villages and not use the towns already set up by the Romans.


Have a look at this Anglo Saxon Village and Anglo Saxon house. Discuss the following questions:


  • What can we learn about how the Anglo Saxons lived from these pictures?
  • Are there any similarities to how we live now?
  • Are there any differences to how we live now?
  • What jobs do you think the Anglo Saxons had?
  • Would like to have been a child during Anglo Saxon times?


If you have answered these questions and have a paper and pencil handy, have a go at drawing your own Anglo Saxon village or hut!