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Week 6


This week, we would have been having a WOW Viking day in school.


Therefore, for Art this week, I would like you to enjoy designing your own Viking shield.


A Viking's shield was very important. They were used as protection during fights, and were also used as weapons to 'punch' enemies.


Now imagine that you are a fierce Viking warrior.

What would your shield look like?

What colours would you use?

Would it have a symmetrical design or pattern on it?


Here are some examples to help you:



Some Vikings would have had writing on their shields.

This could have been their family name or the name of a God as a symbol of protection in battle.


Vikings used their own letters called 'Runes'.



You could add your name in Runes onto your shield or a secret message. 


I can't wait to see what shield designs you all create - have fun!