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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 6

English              Year 3                Week 6

Task 1

This week we are going to read a fable. A fable is a short story that teaches people a very important lesson. These lessons are called morals. Morals are ways that we should behave so that we are always nice to everyone. 

Read this fable called The Boy Who Cried Wolf. As you are reading, think about what the moral is that the story is trying to teach you.



Why do you think no one came to help the boy at the end of the story?

What do you think the moral is from this story? What should people learn from reading it?

The moral of this story is no one will believe a liar even if they’re telling the truth. So you should always tell the truth.


Task 2

Can you re-write The Boy who Cried Wolf in the style of a fable but using the Tin Forest story we read last week to help. I have created an example for you and you can finish it off. You could even change it so yours is better.

There was once a tiny village, near nowhere and close to forgotten, that was filled with pretty houses and had fields of sheep all around. Right in the middle was a small house, with small windows, that looked out on to the fields of sheep.

In the house lived a mischievous boy. Every day, he went out into the fields to look after the sheep. Every night, he moaned about being bored. He dreamed about something exciting happening and making everyone in the village call him brave.

One day, he had a great idea.

“I know!” he shouted “I will play a trick on the villagers.”


Task 3

Can you think of your own story to show that telling the truth is always the best thing to do? Remember it only has to be a short story about how telling the truth is better than lying. You can have animals, people or both in your story. It might be about something that happened in real life like in school. It might even be something that has happened to you.