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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 6

Task 1

The United Kingdom is made up of 4 countries. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. These countries all have capital cities which are called Belfast, London, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Write on the map below the country and its capital city in the correct places and then check your answers.






Task 2

Below are 7 cities that are in England. Have a go at placing them where you think they might be on the map. You could look at the answers first and try to remember where they go. You could even test yourself the following day to see if you have remembered where the cities are.

York, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Cambridge and London.

Below are the answers for you to check.

Task 3

Choose one of the cities in England and find out information about that place. For example; how many people live there? Is that any famous landmarks? Are there any famous people that live there? Try to find 5 interesting facts about that place.