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Week 6

Year 3

Science – Plants

This week we are continuing to make the Science book on plants. Below is the list of instructions to help you make your book and remember you can look at Miss Parkinson’s book to help you create your own.

Week 6

1. The next page in your book, page 3, is going to be about the life cycle of a flowering plant. First put the title The Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant. Then you can use the information from the picture below to help you remember the life cycle. You can also look at Miss Parkinson’s to help you. You can either draw it in the circle like in the picture or just write about each part of the life cycle in small paragraphs. You can also draw pictures to go with each stage to make your book even better!



2. Page 4 is about seed dispersal. This means how do the plants get rid of all them seeds it has made so they can grow into nice flowers. First put the title Seed Dispersal.  Then use the information below to write about all the ways plants move their seeds away. You can use Miss Parkinson’s to help. You can draw pictures or do some writing or both – it’s up to you!




3. Page 5 looks at why plants are important to us. First write the title Why are plants important to us. Then you can use the information you know from week 3 of the online activities to write about why plants are important to us.

Here are the some of the reasons why plants are important to us. Remember, you can add some of your own.


  • Plants are the start of every food chain – animals eat animals that eat plants.
  • Some animals only eat plants.
  • Plants make fruit and vegetables that humans eat to stay fit and healthy.
  • Plants make the oxygen that animals and humans need to breathe.
  • Plants get rid of the carbon dioxide from the air that is bad for us and the environment.
  • Plants are helping to keep the planet healthy and to stop us from being to hot. 


Remember, you can make yours better than Miss Parkinson’s by writing more or drawing some pictures!



4. Page 6 is the last page in our plants book. This book is about the water transportation. First put the title Water Transportation.  Then draw a diagram of how the water is transported or moved through a plant. You have already done this in week 4 of the online activities so you can copy what you have done, or try to make it even better.  Here is Miss Parkinson’s to help you.




Well done everyone! You have made your very own book all about Plants. You can bring them in when we come back to school or take pictures of your book and email them to the school email. Miss Parkinson and Mrs Holleran can’t wait to see them!