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Week 6

Present Perfect Tense


The present perfect tense is where the verb is formed using ‘has’ or ‘have’ followed by the past participle.


E.g. Usain Bolt has been the 100metre world record holder for 9 years.


I have scored the winning goal.


The present perfect tense describes an action that has already occurred but continues to happen.


Use ‘have’ for I / you / we / they.


Use ‘has’ for he / she / it.


Task 1: Add ‘have’ or ‘has’ to make these present perfect sentences correct.


1.My friend Sarah _____ lived in this town for five years.
2.We _____ been best friends all that time.
3.She _____ eaten all of her Easter eggs.
4.What a shame, that Sports Day _____ been cancelled.
5.“What _____ happened to all my pencils?” asked the teacher.
6._____ every person chosen a partner now?


Task 2: Choose the correct past participle of the verb to make these present perfect sentences correct.


1. My hair has really grew / grown recently, hasn’t it?
2. Wow; look how much work you have did / done today!
3. Dad didn’t put the washing out because it has was / been raining all day.
4. Mum, Josh has came / come round – can I go out to play for a bit?
5. Oh no, I have forgot / forgotten my homework book!
6. The teacher has blew / blown her whistle for the end of playtime.


Task 3: Answer the following SATs style questions.