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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 6

Maths Task 1




1. 20-12=

2. 29-17=

3. 14+7=

4. 21+8=

5. Half of 20


Activity 1:


This week we are going to find quarters of numbers and objects. Our learning last week of finding half will be useful!


Can you find 8 small objects around your house e.g. pegs, hair clips, crayons etc. and we are going to split them into quarters.


Can you remember how many groups we need for quarters?


Watch the video below to find out how we split into quarters.



One quarter of 8

Still image for this video

Activity 2:


Can you use objects to find quarters of these numbers?









Maths Task 2




1. 18-12=

2. 11-4=

3. 10+14=

4. 9+14=

5. Half of 16



Activity 1:


Instead of using objects to find a quarter, today we are going to use pictures and drawings to find a quarter.


If we need to find a quarter of the circles below, how could we do this?



Watch the video below to see how we can do it:

Quarter of 12

Still image for this video






Now it’s your turn, find a quarter of each amount:





Activity 2:


Find a quarter of each amount:


Spot Gru’s Mistake:



Maths Task 3




1. 19-7=

2. 9-8=

3. 13+14=

4. 7+19=

5. Half of 8


Activity 1:


Find a quarter of the amount below:




Activity 2:


Now that you are all super stars at finding quarters of objects and pictures, I want you to find quarters of numbers.


Remember, to find a quarter we need to split our number into 4 equal groups!


1. Find a quarter of 12

2. Find a quarter of 8

3. Find a quarter of 20

4. Find a quarter of 24

5. Find a quarter of 32



Activity 3:


1. Is it possible to find half of the amounts below?




2. Answer the questions below.


(You might have to work backwards to figure this one out)