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Week 5


Rhyme and Rhythm

Activity 1

Have a look at the picture below, can you name the objects?

Can you find the rhyming pairs?





Activity 2

Go on another sound hunt around the house and find objects that begin with the ‘s’ sound and the ‘p’ sound.

 They can be same objects you found over the last couple of weeks!

Using the objects you have found play the sound bag game.
You can use a bag, a box or anything to put the objects into.


                                                                                                 Look at Miss Cooper’s example below!

Place them into the bag or box and start to take them out one by one.
Can you put all of the objects that begin with ‘s’ together and the objects that begin with the ‘p’ sound together?


Activity 3

Using the farm animals below, can you name them?

But the animal’s names need to start with the same sound as the animal.

Here are some examples, Penny pig, Darren duck. Now it’s your turn!




Here are some interactive rhyme and alliteration games you may want to play from the phonics play website.

The games are all free at the moment. If the sites asks you for a username please enter:

Username: March20
Password: home