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Week 5

This week we are practicing our 'easy letters'. This doesn't mean they are really easy, just easier than some others.


Open the link at the bottom to access Letter-join and log in using the details below. 

There are 5 sets of letters on Letter-join, please complete one set per day. Clicking on each letter will allow you to watch and listen to how it is written and then if you are using a tablet or phone you can try writing the letter on the screen.


All of our letters start on the line with a 'lead-in' to the letter and finish with a flick, or 'lead-out'. 


Practice writing each letter or word for a whole line in your exercise book with a finger space between each one. 


Monday: letters : i l t (also complete pg 7 of your CGP Handwriting book. Can you add the lead-in to start letters on the line?)

               words: ill, it, lit, tilt.


Tuesday: letters : u w e

               words: we, wilt, lute, wet, tile


Wednesday: letters: c o

                    words: cow, owe, ice, coil


Thursday: letters: a d

                 words: lad, add, toad, data


Friday: letters: n m h

            words: hand, mend, ham, them






Play this game with an adult or sibling.

Face away from them, so they are looking at your back. 

Write one of your letters in the air using your finger - Can they guess what you've written?

Then swap over and see if you can guess as they write in the air.

Who is the best at working out the letter?