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Week 5

Maths Activity 1






Practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Click on the links to help you:


Search Jack Harman you tube channel for counting songs.






This week we are going to divide numbers by grouping objects.




Crayons come in packs of 16.                         

We need to put 4 in each pot.                               

How many pots will we need?






There are 16

4 in each group





I have made 4 groups




 Have a go at this one:




Remember to put them in groups of 5 and then count how many groups you have made.


Use objects to help you for example pencils, paper clips, counters, pegs, pieces of lego.


We can write this as a number sentence using the division sign.

Remember the division sign looks like this:


20 ÷ 5 = 4


20 ÷ 4 = 5



Now try these:


Farmer Ted has 24 eggs. He needs to put 6 eggs in each box.

How many boxes will he need?


There are _____  eggs altogether.

There are ­­­­_____  eggs in each box.

There are _____ boxes.


Can you fill in the missing numbers to write the number sentence to match:


24  ÷   ___   =   4


24  ÷  4   =   ___






Maths Activity 3




What time is it?












Division reasoning and problem solving







For example        10 groups of 3











Maths Activity 2




Name the 3D shapes:
















We are going to draw number lines to help work out the number of equal groups.






How long should your number line be?

What will you count up in?


His number line should go up to 12

He needs to count up in 2’s


6 groups of 2 makes 12





Now have a go at these using a number line:


  1. How many equal groups of 5 can you make from 30?



  1. How many equal groups of 2 can you make from 28?



  1. How many equal groups of 3 can you make from 12?



  1. How many equal groups of 10 can you make from 30?



  1. How many equal groups of 4 can you make from 16?



  1. How many equal groups of 5 can you make from 20?