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St Paul's C of E Primary School

Heathside Grove

LEARNING to make a difference

Week 5

Task 1


a) Read the two poems below about the ocean.






b) How do you feel about the sea?


Think about if you were listening to it, watching it, on it and in it. 

       Can you write some words to describe the sea and how you feel about it?


Here are some examples of words- splash, crash, float, relaxed.


c) Can you use your word list to create some sentences?


Here is an example - I feel excited when I hear the waves crash on the shore.





Task 2


a) Read the poem below.




b) We are going to add to the poem! 

Copy the questions below and create an answer for each one.



Why can I not see my feet?


Why can’t I hear the seagulls?


Why does it feel so rough on my feet?


Why is my face wet?


Why has my footprint gone?


Why do the stones and shells move?



Here are some examples:


Why can I not see my feet?

The seaweed has covered them.


Why can’t I hear the seagulls?

Because the waves are crashing noisily.






Task 3


Read the text below:







Use the information in the text to answer these questions.