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Week 5

Science – Plants



Last week we started to look at the life cycle of a plant and hopefully you will have been able to plant a seed and observe the lifecycle.


Take a look at the seed you planted last week and complete week 1 on your plant diary. If it has started to grow draw a picture of what it looks like and measure any growth with a ruler.

If nothing has happened yet just write ‘no change’ and continue to water it and let it get some sunlight.




Click on the link to find out more:







































Your task


Order the lifecycle of a sunflower plant.

If you cannot access a printer draw a lifecycle using the pictures to help.






Lets pretend


Can you role play a sunflower growing?


You are a tiny seed snug and warm in the ground, curl up tight like a seed in the soil.


Grow a little bit more and poke your head through the soil, you are now a seedling.


Time to grow some big green leaves out towards the sun. The wind is blowing! Your stem and leaves are blowing in the wind!

Make sure you keep your roots in the ground.


It’s time to grow a flower! Can you use your hands to make a flower bud? Can your make the flower open towards the sun?


Ask your adult to video you as you role play the life cycle of a plant to watch back. If you like email your video to school for me to see.


Take a look at a sunflower growing: