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Week 5

Year 3

Science – Plants

This Science activity will take this week (week 5) and next week (week 6) to complete.

For this activity we would like you to create your own fact book about plants. It will include all the things you have learnt in school, all the things you have learnt at home and a front and a back page.

Below is a plan to help you create each page of your plant book. To make this book you will need 2 pieces of paper folded in half together to make an A5 size book.

You can look at Miss Parkinson’s book to help you create your own.


Week 5

  1. Put your 2 pieces of paper together and fold them in half to make an A5 booklet.
  2. Design your front page. It can have the title of Plants and you can draw a picture of a flower. Remember to put your name on the front cover to.  Look at mine to help you! I’m sure you can do a better picture than Miss Parkinson!


      3. Now we are going to do the back page. On the back page you need to write some information about what you would find inside your book. Miss Parkinson has only wrote a little bit. You don’t have to write a lot and you can draw another picture to make yours better than Miss Parkinson’s.


         4. Now you can do the first page of your book. The first page is about the parts of a plant. For this you need to write the title Parts of a flower and draw a flower and label all the different parts. Remember look at mine if you need help. Here are all the things you need to label – roots, stem/trunk, leaves, petals/flower.


        5. The second page in our booklet is about the functions of a plant.  First you need to put the title Functions of a plant. On this page you need to tell me what each part of the plant does. You can read Miss Parkinson’s to help you.



   Well done for making four pages in you very own plant book. You will get the instructions to the next four pages next week!