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Week 5

LO: To know who Edward the Confessor was.


When King Canute died, there were four options for the throne of England:


Edward (King Athelred’s and Emma of Normandy’s son)
Alfred (King Athelred’s and Emma of Normandy’s son)
Harold (King Canute’s son by his first wife)
Harthacnut (King Canute’s and Emma of Normandy’s son)

Who do you think should have got the throne?


Harthacnut was acting as king in Denmark when Canute died.

He should have been King of England too, but he had to stay in Denmark to fight for his throne there.



Harold looked after the throne in England and claimed it himself in 1037.


Harthacnut re-took his throne in 1040.


When he died in 1042, Edward became King of England.



Whilst this was happening, in 1036, Alfred (Edward’s brother) came over to England from Normandy.

He was captured by the Earl of Wessex, Godwine, and brutally blinded. He later died from his injuries.


Edward held Godwine responsible for his brother’s death.

But when he became king in 1042, Edward needed Godwine’s support.

Edward married Godwine’s daughter, Edith.


Godwine died in 1053, but his sons still held powerful positions in England. Edward could not fight them!


Edward was known as ‘Edward the Confessor’.

He lived a very religious life, giving money to the church, supporting Christian monks, going to church regularly

and following all the church rules.

He was a good king and England was generally peaceful and safe under his rule.
After his death in 1066, he was made a saint.


But Edward didn’t have any children, so there was no one to take over the throne, but several people wanted it:


Harold Godwineson – the Earl of Wessex

William – the Duke of Normandy

Harald Hardrada – King of Norway


Who do you think became King?



Harold Godwineson was crowned the King of England.


William was outraged and began building ships to invade England.


Harald Hardrada also decided to invade and headed from Norway to Northumbria.



Harald fought King Harold at Stamford Bridge and Harald Hardrada was killed.


Because King Harold had marched north to fight with Harald Hardrada, he wasn’t ready for William’s invasion of Normans.


On October 14th 1066, William, Duke of Normandy, defeated and killed Harold at the Battle of Hastings.

He became known as William the Conqueror and England became Norman.



The last successful invasion of England had just changed its history for ever…




Use all of the information provided over the last few weeks to create a timeline of Kings

from Athelstan in 927AD to William the Conqueror in 1066AD.