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Week 5

Week 5: Grammar Task


This week we are going to carry on thinking about cohesive devices. Last week, we looked at how we can use adverbials to show cohesion. Another example of cohesion is the use of repetition.  Repeating a key word or phrase helps the reader to hook onto the topic thread and re-affirms what the important information is. Have a look at this short paragraph below; what theme do you think is being repeated?


Jasper looked up at the sky and a sense of panic began to set in. It would soon be dark and he was not home. The streetlamps flickered above his head, threatening to light; the darkness was looming menacingly.

Only yesterday he had promised to avoid the blackness of night. Only yesterday he had promised to never get caught. Yet here he was, out in the street with the blackness poised ready to envelop him.

It arrived. The promise was broken and Jasper felt the changes begin…


Well done if you noticed that the author was repeating the theme of darkness.  


Can you write or discuss your own short paragraph that repeats the theme of weather?