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Week 5

Silly SATs Questions

Enjoy this fun Reading test!


Read the extract below and then answer the questions on slides.

Ask an adult to mark them for you using the answers section!



1. If the line beginning with ‘Many people…’ counts as line 1, what is the 17th letter on the line 7? [1 mark]
2. Add together the numbers used on lines 1, 4 and 7. [3 marks]
3. How many times is the letter e used in line 9? [17 marks]
4. This text seems to use a lot of random capital letters that shouldn’t be there. How many misplaced capitals do you think there are? [0.8 marks]
5. You would always vacate a Bus or Train seat for a Woman or someone in senior years.” How old do you think someone has to be to qualify them as being in their ‘senior years’? [4/7ths of a  mark]
6. You would never leave the Table without seeking permission first.” Think of a song with the word ‘table’ in the lyrics. [56 x 87 marks]


7. If you wore a Hat, you would never wear it indoors, Home or Shop.” Go and find a hat in your house and wear it whilst you answer the rest of the questions. [3y + 2 = 11, y = marks]


8. “At School, every Teacher was referred to as 'Sir' or 'Madam’”. For the rest of the day, only call the adult in your house ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’. [0 marks]


9. Apart from number 8, how many rules are there? [-16 marks]


10. “Going back to Buses and Trains…” Find the nearest person in your house. If they’re not busy, say ‘Choo choo! Choo choo!’ to them. If they say, “Why are you making train noises?”, then you get the mark. [1 mark]


11. “"I want" were two 'no no' words…” What are two ‘no no’ words or phrases that the adults in your house don’t like you saying? (No rude words please!) [0.47628 marks]


12. Can you write 5 rules for what you think parents’ manners and etiquette should be like in 2020? [Your adult at home can give you 1 mark for each one they agree with]


Ask an adult to mark them for you, and you could even try to work out your score with a calculator!