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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 4

LO: To know how to identify some common British trees using a classification key.


Features of leaves

One way of identifying trees is by examining the leaves.

Botanists (plant scientists) use technical terms to describe them accurately. Some of these terms are defined below.


Compound leaves = several leaves grow in a pattern from the end of the twig.
Simple leaves = only one leaf grows from the end of the twig.
Lobed leaves = the leaves have several parts, or lobes, that stick out from the body of the leaf. Lobed leaves can be pinnately lobed, where the lobes stick out on either side along the length of the leaf, or palmately lobed, where the lobes project out, like the fingers on a hand.

An oak leaf is pinnately lobed.


Task: Cut out the pictures of the leaves below.

Use the classification key to identify each of the trees.







Which trees were the most difficult to identify? Why?


Which trees have you seen in the local area?


Can you identify them?