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Week 4

Statement, command, question or exclamation?

Statements - Statements are sentences which tell you something. They end with a full stop.

Questions - Questions are sentences that ask you something. They usually end with a question mark.

Commands - Commands are sentences that tell you to do something. They are often urgent or angry and can be very short.

Exclamations - Exclamations are sentences that begin with ‘what’ or ‘how’. They are full sentences, include a verb and end with an exclamation mark.


Task 1

Identify what type of sentence

  1. Is it cold outside?
  2. How kind of him to do that!
  3. Climb up that tree.
  4. “What a nice young man!” shouted Anne.
  5. It is great fun going to the park.
  6. A puppy will grow up to be a dog.
  7. Should you really eat 7 chocolate bars?
  8. Get down from the roof!

Task 2

Write your own command, exclamation, question and statement sentences.