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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 3

LO: To know about the climate and weather in Kenya.

Read through the slides.






Your task is to help the explorers pack for their Safari trip to Kenya.

After finding out about the weather in Kenya, what would be suitable clothes to take?

Look at the pictures below and decide which ones they would need to take. In your workbook draw an outline of a suitcase and inside draw the items of clothing and other things that would be suitable to take on a Safari trip to Kenya.

Or you can print off the pictures below and cut and stick the items in your workbook.


If you want to you could write sentences to say why you would take certain items.

E.G. I would pack a camera to take photos of the animals.

I would take a sunhat because it is very hot in Kenya.


Or tell your adult which items the explorers should pack in their suitcase.