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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 3



Rosie’s Holiday By Rachel Pank

“I don’t want to go on holiday!” said a very small girl in a very loud voice. It was Rosie. “I like my own room. I like my own garden. And…..I like you all!” she bellowed at the cats next door.


The following day, Dad packed the car, but there wasn’t room for everything. Rosie could not take all her cuddly toys. “Just one!” said Dad. Her bike would not fit, or her duvet, or the cats next door. “No!” said Dad. “We’ll have to leave those behind”.


So Rosie hugged the cats. “I will be back!” She sat in the car wearing her holiday hat, holding her holiday bag, and wished she wasn’t going. When they got to their holiday home, Rosie saw the sea at the bottom of their garden. At first she pretended not to look, but then she saw big blue waves and boats!





Right next door there was a field of cows – with spots! They chewed and smiled at Rosie. “Hello”, she said. Then Rosie followed Mum and Dad outside. She ran upstairs……and downstairs. “My holiday bed is bouncier than my home bed!” she shouted.


The next day they all went down to the beach. Rosie filled her buckets with shells and pebbles. “I might like it here”, she told baby Toby.


Rosie loved the sea. Every day she splished….and splashed…..and sploshed! On the last night of the holiday, Rosie stayed up late. She watched hundreds of twinkling, sparkling stars in the night sky. “I do like it here,” she whispered to her Mum and Dad.


In the morning, Rosie visited all her favourite places. “I want to take the cows home!” she said. “They like it here”, said Dad. “This is where they belong”. The cows blinked their eyes and said their goodbyes. “I want to take the sand and the sea home”, Rosie sniffed. “Look,” said Mum. “Here are all your shells and pebbles to take back. And I’ve made you this necklace. Now we have to pack and get ready to go”.


“I DON’T WANT TO GO HOME!” cried Rosie. But as soon as they got back to her very own home, Rosie raced into the garden. “You forgot your shells!” called Dad. But Rosie couldn’t wait. “HELLO!” she shouted to her garden, her paddling pool, the stars and the sky. She hugged her big crocodile and jumped on to her bike. “It’s ME!” she yelled to the cats over the fence…….”I’m back!”





Rosie’s Holiday Comprehension


Put a circle around the correct answer: O


1.) Did Rosie want to go on holiday?    yes    no


2.) What animals lived next door to Rosie’s house?     dogs   cats


3.) Who packed packed the car for the holiday?    Mum     Dad


4.) Rosie fitted her bike, her cuddly toys and the cats into the car.     yes   no


5.) Rosie and her family were staying in:     a hotel a holiday home


6.) The sea was at :        the bottom of the road       the bottom of the garden


7.) Rosie said “hello” to the:          cows    horses


8.) Rosie filled her bucket with:          sand shells and pebbles


9.) Did Rosie like the holiday home?        yes      no


10.) Mum had made Rosie a shell:      bracelet      necklace


11.) Rosie had a cuddly toy:      elephant     crocodile


12.) Rosie shouted:        “Hello! It’s me! I’m back”          “Goodnight everyone!|”