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Week 3

LO: To identify and use conjunctions in sentences.




We sometimes call conjunctions ‘joining words’ because they link sentences together.


Can you spot the conjunctions in these sentences? 

Write the sentences neatly in your book and underline the conjunction.


  1. I put on my shoes and I went out to play.
  2. I can’t eat my sweets until after dinner.
  3. I can’t go out tonight because I have to stay in and do my homework.
  4. It had been a long time since I had last played football.
  5. I was going to eat the sweets but I saved them for my sister.
  6. She was kind to me although she wouldn’t let me play with the lego.



Cut up the sentences and conjunctions below, try and make sentences that make sense.  Write these new sentences. Remember your neat handwriting and punctuation.


Try and make some great sentences using conjunctions.











I can’t go swimming

I have forgotten my swimming trunks

I would like to go to the park

my mum won’t let me

The old woman wanted to feed her dog

there was nothing in the cupboard

I bought some sweets

I ate them on the way home

The teacher was cross

she was late

I went to the cinema

I really wanted to stay at home

I couldn’t go out

my dad came home