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Week 3

Science ~ Wild Flowers

Plant Diary

How are your seeds doing? Don’t forget to complete Week 2 of your Plant Diary telling us how what has happened to your seed ~ has it grown? How tall is it? What does it look like now?


Wild Flowers

This week we are learning about wild flowers. Watch the retelling of ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carl using the link:

This book tells you all about how wild flowers are planted.


* They are carried by the wind and grow where they want to.

* They are watered when the rain falls.

* No people look after them.


Here are some pictures of some wild flowers that you might see near where you live. See if you can learn their names so you recognise them and name them.

When you are out on your walk with your grown up, see if you can spot some along the way.



If your grown up has a phone they could take a picture/screen shot of these flowers so you know what to look for while you’re out. Alternatively, there is a page that can be printed off to take with you on your walk so you can mark them off when you spot them.