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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 3 (17/06/20)

Complete the halving powerpoint.

Activity 1- The pirates are trying to share the treasure they have found. They want to share it equally so that each pirate has half of the treasure. Can you put half the coins into the treasure chests? How many coins does each pirate have? How many coins are there altogether? Cut the coins out and place them into the treasure chests to help you.

Activity 2- Find half of each of these numbers.

Half of 2

Half of 4

Half of 8

Half of 10

Half of 14

Half of 18

Half of 12

Half of 20

Half pf 16

You can either do it with objects or start to use the written method we practised in school.

Written method for finding half of 6

Step 1- write the number 6 on your paper


Step 2- draw two plates


Step 3 share 6 dots between the two plates.



Activity 3- Ask an adult to place lots of numbers to 20 around your home. Go on a number hunt to find them and then tell your adult which numbers you have found.


Activity 4- Set up a beach shop to sell some ice cream. Make a list of the different ice creams and their costs. Pay of them in 1p’s. (Each item should cost no more than 20p)


Complete the worksheet.