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Week 3

Science – Plants


Learning Objective: To understand the importance of plants to us and the world.


Task 1

Write a list of reasons why you think plants are important to humans, animals and the world.


Task 2

Keep the list in front of you and add to it while you watch this video clip about the importance of plants.

Task 3

Now look at my list. Do you have some of the same reasons? Do I have any new reasons that you can add to your own list?

  • Plants are at the start of every food chain – animals eat animals that have eaten plants.
  • Some animals only eat plants.
  • Plants make fruit and vegetable that humans eat to stay fit and healthy.
  • Plants make oxygen that animals and humans breathe.
  • Plants take in carbon dioxide that is bad for us and the environment.
  • Plants are helping to keep the planet healthy and to stop the us from being too hot.


Task 4

Talk to the people in your house about what would happen if all the plants in the world died? What would happen to the humans and the animals? What would happen to the environment?


Task 5

People think that having a plant in your house is good for you. Why might that be? If you can, plant a seed in a pot to keep it in your house and look after it every day. Keep a dairy like we were doing at school. Write in it every day to see and explain how your plant is growing and what you have been doing to look after it.