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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 3



Homo means same.

Phone means sounds.

Homophone means the same sound.


Homophones are words that sound the same,

but they have different meanings

and are spelt differently.




Task 1: Use the correct homophone in each sentence.

1)I go to church on a Sunday morning/mourning.

2)Tom past/passed his driving test yesterday.

3)Ruby led/lead her football team to victory.

4)Felt tips are my favourite stationary/stationery.

5)Tony has cereal/serial for breakfast every morning.

6)The bride walked down the isle/aisle in the church.

7)Sue read the story aloud/allowed to the children.

8)The first draft/draught of the novel was complete.


Task 2: Write a sentence using the word:



Many homophones end in –ice and –ise.

If a homophone ends in –ice, it is a noun.

If a homophone ends in –ise, it is a verb.


Challenge: Draw a picture or write a sentence to help you remember what each homophone means or how to spell them.