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Week 3

Active and Passive Voice


When a sentence is active, the subject of the sentence performs the action.

E.g. The dog chased the cat.

The dog is the subject in the sentence and it is doing the verb (chasing).


When a sentence is passive, the subject has something done to it by something or someone.

E.g. The cat was chased by the dog.

The cat is the subject in the sentence, but it is NOT doing the verb.


Task 1: Write whether each sentence is active or passive.


1) The farmer drove the tractor.

2) The goal was scored by Ronaldo.

3) The sweets were eaten by the children.

4) Roald Dahl wrote ‘Matilda’.

5) Insects pollinate flowers.


Task 2: These sentences are all written in the passive voice.

Change them into the active voice.


1) The football was kicked by the goalkeeper.

2) The book was left on the table by the teacher.

3) The milk had been knocked over by the cat.

4) Fred was chased by the policeman.

5) The windows had been washed. **Think carefully about this one**


Task 3: These sentences are all written in the active voice.

Change them into the passive voice.


1)The actors performed the play.

2)A stone smashed the greenhouse.

3)James climbed the ladder.

4)Sam baked a chocolate cake.

5)Tom told John a secret. **Think carefully about this one**




Find examples of sentences written in the passive voice in your reading book.

Can you change each of these sentences into active voice?