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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 3



Task 1


Re-watch the following video of ‘The Spider and the Fly’ poem:


In the poem, there are lots of metaphors used.


Metaphors compare different things.

 They suggest that two things are the same.


Eg. They call the spiral of the web a ‘winding stair’


Can you find any more metaphors in the poem?


Task 2


Here is a spider’s web.



Write a metaphor to describe:

a) its shape

b) its colour

c) its strength.


Eg. The spider’s web is a steel rope, that it uses to entrap its prey.


The spider uses a metaphor to describe the fly: “Your robes are green and purple”.


Write three metaphors to describe the spider’s appearance.



E.g. The spider’s hairy, spindly legs were a cage around the helpless fly.


Task 3


This poem is also a fable, because it has a lesson/moral at the end.


What is the moral?


How does the spider trick the fly?


Why isn’t flattery (excess praise) a good thing?