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St Paul's C of E Primary School

Heathside Grove

LEARNING to make a difference

Week 2

Creative Ideas

In nursery we really enjoy using the musical instrument to make music and sing our favourite songs, sometimes we even make our own instruments!

You can make your own shakers using dried pasta, rice, and put them into an empty bottle.

Can you make quiet sounds and loud sounds?
 Use your new instrument to sing nursery rhymes such as Old Macdonald.




Have a go at making your own pig using your handprint!

You can use paint to print your hand or pens, crayons or pencils to draw around your hand.
The children also enjoy taking part in colour mixing, what colours do you need to make pink?






If you had a go at making your own playdough last week, have another go!
If not look at the recipe on week 1 if you would like to make some playdoug.

You could use the playdough to make your own farm animals!