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St Paul's C of E Primary School

Heathside Grove

LEARNING to make a difference

Week 2

Monday 11th January 2021

LO: to know that some of Jesus' disciples were fishermen.


Jesus had lots of work to do, so he chose 12 special friends, called his disciples, to help him!

They all had jobs, but Jesus told them to help him instead.


Watch these videos about Jesus' friends who were fishermen, but followed him. They were called: Simon-Peter, Andrew, James and John.

Jesus Calls Peter

This Bible story is based on Matthew 4:18-22, Luke 5:1-11, and Mark 1:16-20.

Peter, James and John in a sailboat



Can you remember the names of Jesus' new friends?

Do you think it was easy to leave home to follow Jesus?

How do you think James and John felt leaving their Mum and Dad to follow Jesus?


Jesus' new friends left to follow him for a very long time without seeing their families.


Imagine you are James and John, draw a picture, or write a letter, to send home to your Mum and Dad to tell them that you've left to follow Jesus.


You might want to tell them if you are excited, scared, happy, sad, nervous or any other feelings.

Will you miss your family?

You could draw a picture of you following Jesus.


Here is a picture of Jesus, Simon-Peter, James and John to help you.