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LEARNING to make a difference

Week 2

Task 1

We are going to read a non-fiction (information) text about the sea this week. 

Look at the front cover of the book below.  Write some sentences about what you can see in the photograph. 

Remember to include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Also try to include some interesting adjectives and verbs.

Adjectives describe nouns – e.g. A bumpy rock.

Verbs are action words – e.g. The starfish is lying on the rock.


Can you write some sentences about what we might find out about as we read this book?




Task 2


Click on the link above to read and listen to the book.

Choose 2 of the zones from the book and create a fact file for each one. You could also research your chosen zones using the internet to discover more facts.


 Sunlight Zone

It is at the top of the ocean.

Most of the world’s fish live here.

Coral reefs grow in shallow waters.

Task 3






Can you write a list of fun facts about this crab?  Think about its body, legs, claws, eyes.  How does it move?  Where would you find it?


Can you choose another sea creature and create a list of fun facts for that as well?