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Week 2

Grammar Week 2

Read through the following website and watch the video.

Fronted Adverbials for Time

Add a fronted adverbial for time to each of the sentences below. You can use the suggested time adverbials in the box below or you can think of one of your own. Remember, you must add a comma after the fronted adverbial.


After lunch

At night

During the film

Before running the race

Last summer

After getting out of bed

When she fell over 

Whilst cooking dinner




  1.                                                                 Sheila ate her breakfast.
  2.                                                                  Jack cleaned his teeth and got ready for bed.
  3.                                                                  we went to Spain for a holiday.
  4.                                                                  we ate a delicious dessert.
  5.                                                                  Ryan did some warm-up exercises.
  6.                                                                  Ben and Holly ate popcorn.
  7.                                                                  Phoebe started to cry.
  8.                                                                  Dad burnt his hand.


Extension task.

Use the following Fronted Adverbials word mat to write your own sentences.