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Week 2

Year 3 English

Task 1

The story we will be writing about is called the Tin Forest. Here is a picture of the front cover.


Write a prediction about the story. What do you think this story is about? What do you think is going to happen? Who do you think might be in the story? Why do you think that?


Task 2

Follow the link and listen to the story of The Tin Forest. While you listen, think about your prediction and see if you guessed correctly what was going to happen. Ask the adults to ask you questions as you read about the story and ask them to explain any words you don’t understand.


Task 3

Was your prediction correct? Yes or no?

What was the same or different about them? For example, my prediction was the same as the story because I said a real forest would grow. My prediction was different because I didn’t think that real animals would go to the forest.

Did you like the story? Explain why you do or do not like the story?


Task 4

Verbs are doing words. For example; running, sleeping, eating.

Adverbs are words that describe the verb. For example; quietly, quickly, hungrily.

Adverbs also describe the time something has happened. For example, before lunch Miss Parkinson went to the shop. Before is the time adverb.

Look at the picture below and create some sentences using the following adverbs. The adverbs can go at the start or in the middle of your sentences.


Afterwards                     again                         before                          early                     lately

Never                               now                           today                           soon                     tomorrow

Example – The old man read his book and afterwards went to sleep.

Remember you can use other time adverbs from your grammar activities.