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Week 2

Science – Plants


Science this week involves some planting.


If you have access to the internet here is a book that you and your grown-up can read together all about plants.


It will also help you to complete this week’s reading task in preparation for the Science.


The link to the website above gives you step-by-step instructions on what to do should you need it as well as ideas for growing other things.


Things you will need: 

plastic cup/a container of some sort


garden sunflower seeds/or any seeds you can get




Put some damp soil in a plastic cup so it comes up almost to the top.

Then poke your finger in the soil to make a hole for your seed.

Drop a sunflower seed into the hole.

Cover it with a little soil.

Pour a little bit of water on top.

Put the cup on a sunny windowsill.

Water the soil with whenever it feels dry.


Once you have done this you can keep a diary of what is happening with your seed each week.


Here is an idea of what your plant diary could look like.


Remember this is your work so if you have a better idea of how to record your work then that’s fine.