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Week 2



Prefix un- Grammar Task 1


The prefix un means not, or the opposite of. It can be put in front of some words, not others. 


For each of these pictures below, add the ‘un’ prefix to the beginning of the words that need them.



Using the words above, write each word into your own sentence. Don’t forget to write in your neatest writing to include capital letters and a full stop.


For example:

   The mouse was very unhappy, he wanted his cheese back.


Can you make your sentences more interesting?





If you have access to a printer you might want to also complete these grammar activities:


Look at the words below, can you neatly colour in the prefix un?





Another activity you can complete if you have access to a printer is this dominoes game.

(Cut around the cards and see how many different words you can make using the prefix un-).





If you do not have access to a printer, can you write down as many words that you can think of using the prefix un-?